Mold Making


Plastic Molding: Where Success Is Systematic

Customized Plastic Injection & Blow Molding for Unique Needs

As a leader in plastic injection and blow molding and customized projects, Abtin Dana Plast Group provides high-quality plastic products and services for companies throughout Iran and neighboring countries. We specialize in a turnkey manufacturing approach to drive down costs for such industries as food and beverage, Dairies, edible oils and Automobile oils, pharmaceutical and sanitary. We offer custom plastic molding services that fit almost any requirement or specification. Our wide customer base trusts us for jobs like injection molding, blow molding, insert molding and assemblies.

Reliable and Efficient, Every Step of the Way

Our skilled staff follows your project through every stage of development – from inception to creation and shipment. Rather than a simple mold-and-ship process, we design, assemble, test, re-test, decorate, package and ship your product. We also offer specialized design assistance. Our level of involvement and dedication to a process that works allow us to deliver what we promise, every time.

In addition to standard and customized plastic injection & blow molding services, Abtin Dana Plast Group provides services in “mold takeover,” meaning that we will complete any type of molding job that is not currently being done to your satisfaction. A core team who gets involved at the design stage with the sole purpose of improving your products moldability. We can improve your outcome in many ways including, for example, by suggesting alternative  raw materials that may reduce your manufacturing costs and increase product performance. Mold flow analysis is also available and often utilized as a predictive tool. We can also design a part from scratch or we can improve the design for manufacturability.

For a complete list of products and services, please contact our company. We are always happy to hear about your unique project, so call today.