Services & Our Capabilities

Start to Finish Manufacturing Services

  • Guidance and expertise for Inventors and new product design
  • Engineering services using CAD soft wear
  • Complete in-house mold shop using CAM software (Plastic Injection Molds & Blow molds, PET molds)
  • Plastic injection, Blow molding and PET services
  • Short production runs / Full scale production runs ( open 24 /7 )
  • Wide selection of plastic resin choices
  • PET & Silicon production
  • Assembly & Custom packaging

[styled_box title=”Guidance for Inventors” color=”blue”] [frame_left src=””] Our team of project managers, engineers and design experts will assist and help you through each step of developing your new product or inventions.
[styled_box title=”Computer-Aided Design (CAD)” color=”red”] [frame_left src=””] We offer Engineering services using Computer Aided Design (CAD) allowing us to create precision models of your product.

[styled_box title=”In-House Mold Shop” color=”black”] [frame_left src=””] We have a complete in-house mold shop using Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software for Plastic Injection Molds & Blow Molds.
[styled_box title=”Stock Bttles” color=”purple”] [frame_left src=””] We have a wide range of stock bottles that are available. Call our sales team for more information, pricing and delivery options.

[styled_box title=”Plastic Resin Choices” color=”green”] [frame_left src=””] The color options for your product containers are virtually unlimited.
[styled_box title=”Plastic Injection & Blow Molding” color=”gray”] [frame_left src=””] We manufacture for Medical, Aerospace, Food Industries and more.